Ormit Talent to focus on the development and retention of a new generation of ‘special ones’ 

Major mismatch on labour market leads to major talent crisis 

It has been keeping CEOs up at night:

the current talent crisis in the labour market. Where can you find the top talent with the ability to turn the burning questions of today and tomorrow into new opportunities? Who are tomorrow’s future leaders and gamechangers? How do you attract them and, just as importantly, how do you persuade them to stay? Ormit Talent is set to sharpen its focus on finding, developing and retaining the new generation of exceptional talent the special ones’ – and in so doing will provide a solution for the mismatch between the demand for and supply of top talent.

The battle for top talent   

According to Thomas De Wulf, CEO of Ormit Group, one thing is certain: talent is scarcer than ever before and the battle to acquire exceptional talent in particular is now in full swing. ‘Trends like the ageing population and digitalisation and the global call for more sustainable business practices are but a few of the many causes. In a recent study by McKinsey* almost ninety per cent of all team leaders and managers surveyed said that their organisations are already struggling with a lack of knowledge and expertise at the highest levels of management. Enormous talent gaps have opened up and the situation is only set to grow worse over the next five years. Most organisations now regard this problem as one of their main priorities, but only a tiny minority know how to ensure that their people are equipped with the skills required for the future. If you want to become and remain an innovative frontrunner with the ability to tackle tomorrow’s challenges then you have to start investing in young top talent today. If you have the talent, you will have the business.’ 


* McKinsey Global Surveys 2021 (annual review) 

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The special ones 

Ormit Talent aims to focus on sourcing and developing the potential of exceptional top talent, which it refers to as the special ones. Young professionals who are energetic, extraordinary and astute. Ambitious and intensely curious go-getters. Bridge builders with the ability to inspire others to engage in change. Future leaders and gamechangers with a drive for continuous self-development in a continually changing world. ‘Becausesays De Wulf, ‘you can have all the ambitious plans you like as an organisation but you won’t get very far if you don’t have the designers of the future at your disposal. In fact, you may even fail to keep up with your competitors in the end.’ 

New generation with social impact 

According to De Wulf, with its focus on the discovery and development of young top talent, Ormit Talent can provide a solution to the talent crisis described above. He also sees an opportunity for these ‘special ones’ to have a social impact as well. ‘We are acutely aware that we are witnessing the birth of a new generation of leaders. It is obvious that they want to do things differently and better and to apply themselves to creating a world that is genuinely sustainable, diverse and inclusive. As experienced experts in talent development it is up to us to make sure they are given the opportunity to do so and to ensure that their development remains focused on that all-important dream: creating a better place to live in.’ 

Curiosity only killed the cat

ORMIT to continue as Ormit Talent as of 10 January

A subtle but logical change of name. Because since 1994 we have been experts at finding the perfect match between top talent and top businesses. A natural and refreshing change in colour, character and style. Because Ormit Talent aims to sharpen its focus even further on the recruitment, development and deployment of ‘the special ones’. A new generation of talent that will help ambitious companies to turn their future challenges into opportunities, while at the same time contributing to the creation of a better world.   

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