Stressed spelled backwards is dessert? Not for me!

Our Talent Development Manager Virginie about stress management.

Stress spelled backwards means desserts – for some people that’s the good part about being stressed out… But for me, stress meant the opposite: running around like a headless chicken, talking a lot and fast, overdoing and barely eating. I took a while to accept that stress is everywhere, but over time I started seeing it as an ally more than an enemy. Curious about my journey and how I will use it to inspire our trainees about stress and resilience? Read on.

My relationship with stress

Before I tell you how I manage stress today, let me take you back down memory lane… Seven years ago, I decided to take a break, shed my employee status, work part-time in an organic store, and attend countless self-development classes. It took me a long time to admit it, but looking back, my underlying goal was to escape from stress and anxiety and find a sense of purpose. I was drained from the high work rhythm, the lack of recognition and I had enough of the ‘Metro-Work-Repeat’…

I arrived at a point where I just wanted to do nothing, and so I did (LOL)! I believed that it was uncoherent to keep doing something I didn’t like. And to create something else, I needed to stop doing what I didn’t like. I enjoyed this break for a while, but then anxiety crept back into my life… at 4:00 AM.

Doing nothing and escaping reality was not going to solve my problem; I had to find purpose and be coherent with myself. I remember asking myself this important question: “What contribution can I be that will allow me to fulfill my sense of purpose and create value for others?”. This simple question helped me to switch my mind and search for opportunities instead of complaining about obstacles.

Little by little I stepped into action and kept the focus, determined to use my overflowing energy to serve a meaningful and nourishing purpose. Make no mistake, stress didn’t disappear overnight. But the awareness I gained of my needs and the alignment between my actions and my purpose helped me canalize my energy!

Why training on stress for young talents?


When I joined Ormit Talent, my old friend, stress, came along for the ride. It reminded me of my need to excel, to make a meaningful impact, and to be a valuable coach for the trainees, … So, my gut feeling told me to accept the opportunity to give a training on stress, as I knew deep down it was time to ‘walk the talk’.

I dove in months of reading, listening to stress management specialists, and wondering why people are so eager to banish stress from their lives. A process daring me to look at my own stress triggers and expressions. Admitting to feeling stressed and anxious wasn’t easy – I did believe it was a sign of vulnerability. Until Brenée Brown taught me about the Power of Vulnerability.

Could my stress be a friend when facing uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure?


I started looking at stress differently and listened to people who did not consider stress like an enemy to defeat but as an ally. I learned and started applying countless techniques to be more resilient during stressful moments like breathing techniques, visualization, walking in nature, …

With our new training on Befriending Stress, I hope to inspire our young talents to build a positive relationship with stress. To see it as a valuable ally for growth.

A sneak peek in the training

The main goal of the training is to build awareness around stress and finding new rituals to become more resilient when facing stressful situations.


The first part of the day is all about demystifying stress. What is stress, really? How do you recognize it, how is it expressed, and what are possible triggers? Trainees get to share their own experiences and learn from each other. And we don’t stop there… During the training, trainees will play a game. Nothing like experiencing stress on the spot to talk about it.

In the second part, we introduce our trainees to the concept of the “Corporate Athlete”. They will try different techniques applied by elite athletes that include physical, emotional, mental, and purpose-driven aspects. Some examples? Heart coherence, visualization techniques, and how to switch their mind when facing irrational beliefs and thought patterns… They will learn to apply these things and many more into their busy lives. A training with plenty of inspiration, for sure!

Looking for an environment where stress becomes a friend?

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