Talent development of future leaders

at Ormit Talent

Organisations and talents need a talent development policy. To enhance the knowledge and skills of future leaders, each organisation develops its own unique approach. Let’s take a deep-dive into how Ormit Talent develops the skills of young talents.

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2 principles for talent development

Talent development must be sustainable. What you learn during a two-year programme at Ormit Talent lingers on for life. To this end, our talent development policy rests on two principles.

Experience and emotion 

Each trajectory for our trainees is thoughtfully designed and infused with experience and discovery. From Lego to murder cases and more: every training is given a creative and original approach. Is it personal coaching, group training, performance monitoring on projects, or group projects? It is all part of talent development at Ormit Talent. The experience is our top priority. Because an experience creates emotion. And emotion creates action.


An infusion, not an injection 

At Ormit Talent, we don’t provide one-off training courses because we don’t believe they have a lasting effect. Compare it to going to the gym: after an hour, your biceps won’t be three centimetres bigger, but after six months you will see a noticeable difference. With soft skills, it is just the same. Their development takes time. So don’t approach talent development from the principles of an injection. Be an infusion. We let our different development initiatives interact. Throughout the entire talent development process, trainees also receive questions from their manager, peers and coach. That feedback seeps in drop by drop and is necessary for the development of human and hard skills.

Ormit Talent trainee presenting

Responsibility within a defined framework 


Every talent is responsible for her own personal and professional development. As Simon Sinek once said:

“Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them”.

As an organisation, you can set up and provide a wide variety of training courses, ultimately the talent itself has to work on its own talents. To make this possible, we naturally provide the right guidance, environment and tools.


Talent development goes hand in hand with organisational values

Care to dare

Within a safe framework of commitment, talents are given room to experiment and become the best version of themselves. We take young talents out of their comfort zone during every training session. That way, trainees climb the mountain with a big dose of guts. Of course, they are secured with a safety harness. The rope during climbing is always a bit loose. So if they make a misstep, they fall down a bit to learn from this. But fortunately never all the way to the bottom. The safety net is never far away.


With a twinkle

A day without a smile is a day not lived. We carry that motto strongly at Ormit Talent. Every training and activity is a satisfactory experience. We do everything ‘with a twinkle’, as we like to say. What our trainees learn also sticks better with humour and a big dose of fun.


Teaming up

At the start of the traineeship, each talent is assigned a fixed peer group. Because it has been proven that you get a much greater learning return if you do it together. Training sessions thus create a community in which everyone feels safe. The talents are individually encouraged to give each other positive and difficult feedback. Trainees are often still in contact with each other years after their traineeship.

Eager to learn

The Ormit Talents are super curious, by the way. Eager to learn. Curious about new encounters and emotions. And Ormit Talent goes a long way in this. Although many organisations claim that talents will learn a lot, that is really our core business. Talents are recruited with us for two years. Taking into account different learning styles, we help them develop their skills. After two years, we let them go again. Don’t feel the eagerness to learn during the selection process? Then you won’t get in with us.



Strategic partner in talent development


When a flower doesn’t bloom, we look together at the flower, but also at its environment. People only flourish in the right culture and environment. When it comes to talent development, Ormit Talent is more than just a supplier of talent and training. As a strategic partner, we sit around the table to think about talent development. We raise issues such as: how can we find people who make a difference? How do we keep them engaged? And how can we create a long-term talent pipeline within your organisation? In this way, together we develop a talent development policy that will help you attract the future leaders of tomorrow to your organisation.


Ormit Talent believes in the new generation of young talents. Let us sharpen your skills together.


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