Squid Game, The Big Bang Theory or Game of Thrones:

Finding your perfect match in the world of traineeships

Thursday evening. It’s finally raining again. And your couch looks soo inviting. A lot of series are waiting for you to be streamed and discovered. But you have some serious work to do. ‘It’s decided. I’m going for a traineeship!’ you told your beloved cat.

Good thinking! A traineeship really is a proven formula to kick start your career. But traineeships come in many different shapes and forms. Just like those series you just have to binge. Binging or applying? What to do? Just do both! To help you find your perfect match, we made a list of the most important series in the big world of traineeships.

Squid Game or the management traineeship

Feeling adventurous? Curious? “Good at everything, except the things you can’t do?”* Squid Game is the one! A management traineeship is probably the match for you. Just like the players, you have to love taking a risk. Dare to face the unknown. Be eager to discover different roles, departments, or sectors.

It’s a traineeship for those who want to improve their management and people skills. Via training, coaching and different assignments. During the traineeship, you rotate within different functions, departments and sometimes even companies. Discovering and learning while doing.

A lot of organizations offer an internal management traineeship. AB Inbev, KBC , IKEA, etc. often have management traineeship vacancies.  Brussels Airport Company and Dela even organise them together with Ormit Talent. Already have a preference for a certain company or sector? Check their website (and ours!)  to see if they have one that would suit you.

You want to rotate between different organizations? That’s possible too! Via Ormit Talent for example.

* Quote by Player 212, Han Mi-nyeo, a character in Squid Game

The Big Bang Theory or the specialised traineeship

Sheldon, Rajesh, Amy, Leonard, Howard, Bernadette, and Penny. They all have their own field of interest. In science or in acting. . And maybe so do you! Ready to continue developing in your field? A passion for IT, Data, Marketing, Finance, Sales, …? A specialised traineeship awaits you!

During this kind of traineeship, you boost your experience and knowledge in your dedicated topic. And combine it with on-the-job experience. Hard skills training, mixed with some people skills and exciting assignments. A recipe for success. Maybe one they should serve at the Cheesecake Factory 😉

Developing your specialised skills and knowledge at one company or at several companies? The choice is yours! Organizations are always on the lookout for young talents with a specific interest or skills set.

Ormit Talent also provides such opportunities. At ArcelorMittal or Euroclear for example. Or at multiple companies in our data traineeship.

Game of Thrones or a traineeship in a government agency

Want to dedicate your career to the protection of the realm? A lot of government agencies are also looking for talent. The EU, but also Belgian and regional authorities hire people for their various administrations. The management of taxes, education, justice, transportation, nature, energy etc. is quite the challenge. All topics that demand problem solving, patience, perseverance, and a lot of dedication.

Sounds like the thing for you? These traineeships usually are shorter than other traineeships. But in most cases can also lead to a fixed position and career within civil service. Check the various websites and maybe you will be the next master of coins or whispers.