Building the supply chain of tomorrow

As the world changes, so does demand. Therefore, Ormit Talent and ArcelorMittal teamed up to find future leaders to help lead this multinational into Industry 4.0. In this blog we list some benefits of the cooperation between Ormit Talent and the Scale Up team of ArcelorMittal according to Vinni.

Vinni De Smaele

Ormit Talent alumni – Product owner at ArcelorMittal

For me, this collaboration was the perfect match because I got the chance to work in a company with a lot of know-how while being coached by my Talent Development Manager to find my passions and strengths.



“There is no strict process to follow, so you really need to find your own ways of working. Responsibility also means ownership, which means you just need to take things in hand and you can’t always wait for others to tell you what to do. They just expect you to take action autonomously.”

So no, this traineeship does not make you feel like ‘just a trainee’. Vinni really felt part of the team and got big responsibilities.


Your manager

“You can always plan something in your managers’ agenda. You get the space to explore things yourself, but at the same time your manager is also there when you need advice. I am not afraid to discuss something in our team since everything is open for discussion.”

The Scale-up team is a familial environment where everything can be discussed by everyone. Vinni was clearly surprised about this part.


My fellow trainees

“One of my greatest moments was the outdoor we do at Ormit Talent. This is so eye-opening and makes you bond with your fellow trainees. You really become more than colleagues, and all of this in a weekend.”

Vinni followed many trainings with his pool (other trainees from ArcelorMittal and other traineeships). All of them with a focus on personal development. This makes you really open up to each other.


Career boost

“Through rotating roles within the company, the traineeship offered us the chance to experience different aspects of ArcerlorMittal in a short period of time. I really feel like I learned during each respective part. Moreover, I was able to use the knowledge acquired in one domain and use it in the next one. You definitely don’t start from zero at every change.”

The biggest benefit of this traineeship? Development. With people skills at Ormit Talent and hard skills at ArcelorMittal. Our way of working made sure that the team opened up for another approach of feedback.

What now?

Vinni accepted a fixed position as product owner at ArcelorMittal. He believed there was still a lot to learn, and loved the variation in his job. Did you know he’s even responsible for some of our current trainees? And works together with more than 100 IT’ers?

Cause no supply chain without IT, right? And no IT without people skills. That’s why we teamed up again. To develop young IT analysts into future leaders. To level up their supply chain by building their own IT system to support it.

Let’s summarize the added value according to Vinni: a challenging environment, international contacts, a chance to learn a lot of short term and an open team! Ready to fall in love with this project team? Join our IT traineeship!