Looking back on two years with Sébastien

Last year, Sébastien completed his management traineeship at Ormit Talent. However, he decided to continue his journey with Ormit Talent as a member of the sales team. He believes discovery is one of the core values of Ormit Talent. Keep reading to find out what that means to him and what he discovered in the last two years.

Ormit Talent talks a lot about discovery. Can you explain what it means to you?


As a recent graduate, I had yet to gain firsthand experience in the workplace. Fortunately, Ormit Talent provided me with the opportunity to discover this new world by guiding me to the right place within it. They provided me the chance to become familiar with diverse work environments, various managerial styles, and even dissimilar industries and roles. This experience was precisely what I needed to determine the optimal direction for my future career path.

And how does Ormit Talent support you in this discovery?


By providing the frame to discover. I got the chance to meet two amazing coaches, but I also grew due to my peers. Ormit Talent focuses on peer-coaching and feedback from other trainees. And the trainings, well, they were the sunshine in a week. I just loved getting out of bed for them. Just because it were never ordinary trainings like I knew from school. You always had the opportunity to try and thus get hands-on experience. This made the learnings stick longer than college classes 😊.

Next to coaching and training, it is really the concept of being able to discover so many environments, roles, and companies in two years that made me so happy about this traineeship.

Let’s dig a little deeper into these assignments and what you discovered in each one of them.


As a trainee I had the chance to accomplish 3 missions at 3 different customers and sectors.

Project manager @Crossborder

As a project manager, I have learned the importance of challenging the opposing party when faced with the response “no, it is not possible”. This involves asking further questions and exploring alternative solutions to ensure that projects are completed within the designated time frame.

PMO @Magotteaux

I was employed as a PMO to oversee a server migration project. It was during this time that I learned the importance of effective communication with teams possessing the necessary expertise to execute the task at hand. This proved to be challenging as I lacked the technical aptitude required to accomplish the task independently.

Supply chain & operations professional @Bluecrux

My final project was a fascinating assignment that afforded me many valuable lessons. During this period, I came to the realization that I prefer working on projects that involve frequent human interaction, as opposed to tasks that require a great deal of independent work with software programs such as Excel and Power Point.


Sounds like a backpack full of learnings! But if you look back now, what is your biggest one?


I would say the example from my last assignments where I discovered that I gain energy from working alongside others and tackling big challenges. This learning made me pursue a role that emphasizes interpersonal communication, which led to my current position in sales. This discovery supported by the career coaching of Ormit Talent really helped me to make informed decisions regarding my future career path and happiness at work.

Discovery also means getting out of your comfortzone. What was most challenging for you?


The discovery of small character traits I’m not proud of, particularly those that may be perceived negatively by others. It was not always easy to see and accept them, but with the help of my coach and the honest feedback of other trainees, you can work on them. So even though it’s not always easy, this process ultimately leads to personal growth.

Ready to discover more about your strengths and pitfalls like Sébastien? To discover that future career path that will make you truly happy? Apply for our management traineeship!