Data traineeship

Always had a thing for data? Time for the next step then. And go from curious data talent to data chief. In various roles at one or more companies. As a data analyst, data translator, business analyst, junior data scientist, …

Because data is the new gold. If you know how to turn them into insights. That’s why more and more companies are investing in data. And in people who know how to handle them.

What’s in it for you?

A killer combo of data and people skills

Discover your data thing

Find out which part you want to play in the data universe (and at which company). By doing and learning. And with our help.

Challenging projects

Switch roles, teams, companies and industries. In advanced data analytics, processing, project management, business analytics, … The common thread: data.

Boost your skills

Get ready to be amused and amazed with +20 tailored training days on data and people skills. Where you learn how to translate data into business reality.

And we make it practical with a data hackathon

Learn from senior experts

Who support and coach you during your assignments. And gladly share their knowledge on data and people skills with you.

Build connections

All those teams and companies, no wonder you’re left with a tremendous network. Not to mention your fellow special ones (and BFF’s).

Land in your dream job

Is there life after a traineeship? Absolutely! All of our trainees land in strategic roles at beautiful companies.

Enjoy the ride

Be part of a tight group of special ones. Instantly. Who you bond with for years to come. Thanks to our many events, workshops or during running

Ormit Talent trainee

How do you become a Data Chief?

  • Discover in your trainings how data skills (advanced analytics, functional analysis, visualisation, …) and people skills (communication, self-leadership, …) form a killer combo in your everyday work.
  • Work in data analytics, data management, data processing, business analytics, project management, data science, …
  • And then grow even further thanks to personal coaching and data mentoring 

Dagmar Stessels

Data chief trainee

For me, starting my career at Ormit Talent was natural. The chance to sample multiple data assignments while developing my people skills was enough to pique my curiosity. And I’m still very happy with this choice. My first project as a data trainee was at APOK, the market leader in Belgium in the sale of roof and facade materials. In order to remain a market leader, it was important to dig a little deeper into their data. I was responsible for analyzing the buying behavior of their customers. What did I learn from this project? How to communicate efficiently with the business. And also how to translate the needs of the business as correctly as possible into a data-related solution.

Louis Jamar de Bolsée

My first project at Ormit Talent was an internal assignment: the creation of a dashboard for the marketing team. The main goal and added value of it would be the capability of cross-analysis between campaigns and results from one channel to another, offering this general perspective on how the marketing efforts are paying off. Discover more about my approach, learnings and discovery here.

How special are you?

Do the test.

Passion for data is a must

You don’t need to be a expert in data just yet. We’ll help you become one. Just show us you have the basics and above all: your passion!

Data tools are your middle name

Excel has no secrets for you, and other tools like Python, SQL or PowerBI sound familiar too. You just love to dive into all possible data tools.

Yes, oui and ja. You say it all!

You speak fluently English (C1) and French or Dutch. With a B1 level for the other.

You have a master or bachelor in a data-oriented field

Think about fields like engineering (industrial, commercial, civil), IT, data, economics, mathematics, statistics, …

Or max 3 years work experience

In analytics or a job filled with projects that triggered your passion for data, digital and tech.

You are curious

You want to know everything about as many things as possible. And if you don’t know it, you want to learn it.

Ready to apply?

Fill out the application form.

Any questions? Feel free to contact our recruiter Kimberly for all your data questions!



Want to know more about how this traineeship can boost your career in data? Or curious about some examples of projects? Our recruiter, Kimberly, is as passionate about data as you are. She’s the go-to person for all your questions about this role or anything data-related. Hit her up for the scoop!

Email: kimberly.vidts@ormittalent.be

Phone: +32 472 19 15 84


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