Maissa El Kadi

Junior Data Analyst

I think I’m one of the biggest nerds at Ormit Talent. If I’m not doing work, I am gaming. Some people like reading and then make up the story. Other see the movie to experience the story. I need to become the character by gaming. I become the story.


Power BI



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Maissa’s skills…

Smile Maestro

Spreading happiness is its own reward. Every day, I contribute to a light atmosphere and good vibes by making jokes and being positive. Skilled at reading the room, I tailor my jokes to suit the situation.

Inclusive Facilitator

People call me kind and thoughtful. Intuitively, I understand the needs of others. Through small acts of service, I cultivate an inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and understood.

Independent Operator

I get a kick out of finding out how things work myself. Tell me the direction you want to go and I’ll figure out which gear I need to get there. I prefer working alone on task, although preferably surrounded by others.

Knowledge Nerd

I’m always on the look-out to challenge my brain. From mastering Arabic to delving into Python and SQL. Expanding my expertise gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

Previous experience


Bachelor & Master Business Engineering

(Solvay Brussels)

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