Ormit Talent.
Work smart, get far.

Work hard, play hard? Yawn! Work smart, get far. That’s our motto. Because why run straight through a wall if you can also use the door? We always go for the smart way, not the hard way. Even when we colour outside the lines. It’s what we tell all our eager and curious future leaders. Who want to discover themselves and build a smart career that fits their lives.

How? Through challenging jobs and projects at leading companies. Where you rotate and instantly create impact. Through a personal coach and loads of training in hard and people skills. Where there is always time for fun. Because that’s smart too.

Through variety, support and our unusual approach, we guarantee that you’ll make more progress in two years than you would in five elsewhere. Bam!


Discover who you are and where you really want to go.
Look at you, the world at your feet. Now what? There are so many jobs to choose from, that it’s hard to pick a direction. Or maybe you thought you knew, but your first job wasn’t the right choice after all. Do you follow your heart or your mind? Well, let’s find out together. And let’s keep doing that the entire time. During the traineeships, training and every conversation with your coach and colleagues. Pinky swear!



Grow as a future leader and as a person.
Talents should ripen like special brews. Tickled with good examples and the occasional kick in the … And what you don’t know yet, you can learn. In rotating assignments at beautiful companies. With feedback from coaches and colleagues. People and hard skill training. That includes leadership competences by the way. One day a month, at least. Interactive, practical and edgy. All in good fun.


Create impact in a traineeship that fits you like a glove.
A two-year rotation program where we encourage you to bring out the best in you. In different roles, domains, environments, teams, projects, … Where you get results and drive change. With guts, satisfaction, fun and the right balance between your life and your work.

After that it’s up to you. A challenging job as a future leader or a killer expert? Where you determine your own future and influence the one of your company? Anything goes. Especially with all your new skills and experiences.

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Talent turtles, a special breed.


They love to look and climb over walls. Try new things and do everything better. Not in the blind but well thought out. Standing on each other’s shoulders and walking arm in arm. They help and inspire each other. They hang out and even travel together. Seeking pleasure in everything they do. So if you don’t have FOMO yet, you will develop it here.

Curious to learn more? That’s how we like it!


International Management Traineeship @ Wolters Kluwer Benelux

Over 24 months, you will explore every corner of the Accountancy & Fiscality department of Wolters Kluwer in Belgium and the Netherlands, and discover which role truly suits you.


Supply Chain Traineeship @ ArcelorMittal

A job for a handsome head. Supply chain is about much more than depots and trucks. It is about eco, digital and change. It’s about making plans and drawing up plans for the supply chain of tomorrow. Choose change


Management traineeship at Brussels Airport Company

Aiming to take on a management role at Brussels Airport Company? Then join this traineeship and start working as of September 2024. Discover all there is to know about the airport by working in different departments during your 24-month traineeship.

Recruiting for 2025

Data traineeship

Always had a thing-with-data? Then do something with it. And go from curious data lover to curious data chief. In projects at various companies. Around data analytics, visualization and many other English words. Go!

Management traineeship

Ready to dive but not yet sure into what? Then this traineeship is your preferred swimming pool. 26 Months of switching lanes between companies, assignments and roles. And somewhere along the way you fall in love. With your dream job!