Business Translator


A date with me is like having a personal language expert by your side. I can decode complex business concepts and make them relatable. Together, we’ll explore new horizons, uncover hidden insights, and conquer the challenges of the business world by harnessing the potential of data and the art of translation.

Typical activities I love

Matchmaking: Bridging the gap between the business and data/IT sides of an organization.

Let’s talk business. Identification of questions and needs of the business, finding the perfect match with the organization’s technical capabilities.

Data expeditions, uncovering hidden possibilities and untapped potential within the organization.

I actively take part in shaping the organization’s future, translating the grand vision into measurable data objectives.

What might annoy you

  • I am constantly making puzzles. Dealing with diverse stakeholders and their different languages.
  • Multitasking and tight deadlines are just who I am.
  • Finding the sweet spot between business goals, technical possibilities, and data insights demands creativity.

What I’m looking for in a partner

  • You love analytics and are ready to crunch data to solve business problems.
  • Show me you’re fluent in business lingo. You’ll be my go-to translator, making sure communication runs smoothly.
  • You’re a team player. You excel at collaborating with diverse groups of people and make sure everyone feels heard and valued.