The data talent dating game

A playful quest to find your perfect match in the data landscape
Passionate about data but no idea which role fits you? Just like in dating, finding the perfect match requires a combination of curiosity, guts and exploration. That’s where we come in! As your match maker in your quest to find the perfect data role that aligns with your unique skills and interests.

Time to start an adventurous match making quest! And we do this the fun way, with the Data Talent Dating Game! No worries… We’re not talking about comparing astrology signs – we’re all about the data!  Each level of the game is inspired by different data life cycles. Time to discover your perfect match by exploring, analyzing and integrating all possibilities. Do you have what it takes to conquer all the levels of this game?


Data exploration: Find your data personality

Data exploration is an important step in understanding the details of your dataset and the discovery of valuable insights. Time to discover your data personality (strengths, interests, and preferred ways of working with data) through a playful approach: the data personality quiz. By answering a series of questions, you’ll gain insights into which data roles allign with your unique personality traits.

Start with filling out the quiz down here 😉


Data Analysis: Analyzing the possibilities

Once you’ve explored your data personality, it’s time to analyze your matches. Dig deeper into their responsibilities, skills, and all the reasons why they should or shouldn’t be a match. And keep swiping if another profile triggers you as well. Like this, you analyze all data available. Who knows, you might swipe right in the end 😉

Data Analyst

“Are you a data set? Because I’m ready to analyse every bit of you and uncover some meaningful insights into our compatibility!”

Business Translator

“I’m fluent in both business jargon and romance. Let’s embark on a journey of translating our hearts into a profitable partnership!”

Data Engineer

“They say data is the new oil, but I’d rather refine our love algorithms together and create a spark that no server can handle!”

Data Steward

“If love were a database, consider me your dedicated guardian, ensuring the integrity and security of our connection. Shall we start this data romance?”


Data Scientist

“I’ve analysed the data, ran the models, and it turns out our compatibility score is off the charts! Care to validate my findings with a date?”



Data integration: Tips & tricks for choosing the right career

In the world of data, finding the perfect match often involves integrating multiple sources of information. The same counts for your career. Choosing the right path is about finding harmony between your skills, interests, and market demand. It’s about selecting a path that excites you and aligns with your long-term goals. So, let’s dive into some soul-searching! Download our e-book packed with knowledge and tools to help you make informed decisions.


Data innovation: Embrace the future

The data world is constantly evolving, presenting endless chances for innovation. To level up your chances of winning over one of your matches, staying up-to-date on the latest cutting-edge trends and new technologies is crucial. And remember, to keep the spark alive in your data relationship, being adaptable and having a hunger for learning are absolute musts. Elevate your data compatibility with our crash course on data trends, people skills, and so much more.


Data visualization: Found your perfect match?

Data, like any great relationship, requires effective communication. How do you visualize your future? Not sure yet? No worries! At Ormit Talent, you don’t have to choose just yet. You may have discovered parts of who we are throughout this e-book, but let’s take it a step further and go on a date to see if sparks will truly fly between you and Ormit Talent.

And since we’re in search of analytical talents who embrace challenges and are not afraid to dive into the data universe head-on. We’d like to start this relationship with a test of your analytical skills. Solve the riddle to unveil my contact information, and once you crack it, give me a call right away. Let the adventure begin!



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