Data Analyst


I have a knack for uncovering hidden patterns and trends, with a natural talent for decoding the language of data. I’ll analyse your every move, find correlations between our interactions, and ensuring our relationship is fuelled by data-driven insights. Plus, I’m always up for a good puzzle, so get ready for loads of fun and games!

Typical activities I love

Cleaning. Not my house, but data. After collecting and organizing data, I always make sure it’s clean, accurate and reliable. No messy data will stand in our way!

Initiating and shaping research projects that revolve around data.

I love to read minds… With quantitative and qualitative research, I dive deep into the needs of stakeholders and target groups. Statistical analysis, data mining, and visualization are just a few tricks up my sleeve.

Development of data models to support data-driven decision making. Ensuring our path is paved with solid insights, guiding our team to success.

Data visualization to tell the right story. With eye-catching dashboards, graphs, and tables I provide management with the information they need to make impactful decisions.

What might annoy you

  • I don’t care about the future. I am a ‘now’ person. I collect insights about the current situation. For future predictions, you’re not dating the right person.
  • Data quality issues making data cleaning harder than expected. Thus, claiming plenty of my time.

What I’m looking for in a partner

  • You understand the ins and outs of business and align your moves with organizational goals.
  • We’ll be dancing with multiple stakeholders. Show of your story telling skills and communication skills, to make sure everyone understands us. Definitely non-technical ones.
  • It does not stop at analytics. It’s important to adapt your communication to different stakeholders. Often non-technical ones, yes. To have an impact you’ll need communication skills like storytelling.
  • You speak fluently programming.
  • You can keep up with data analysis and know how to turn numbers into gold.