Data Engineer


I am the architect behind the scenes that builds the foundation for a successful relationship. I ensure our data flows seamlessly, optimize our connection, and troubleshoot any glitches. I am an expert in designing and developing technical solutions. Our love story will be built on a solid infrastructure!

Typical activities I love

Designing scalable and robust data systems, making sure our data flows seamlessly and is easily accessible.

Data Fusion. Weaving data from diverse sources, building bridges between systems, and ensuring compatibility and consistency.

Development of scripts and algorithms to bring all the data together and organize it for analysis.

Jamming with data scientists, analysts, and stakeholders to create harmonious insights and support their needs.

Ensuring data accuracy, completeness, and integrity through checks, validations, and governance practices.

Monitoring and optimizing data systems, fine-tuning performance, and keeping the party going smoothly.

What might annoy you

  • I am constantly learning and reading. That’s the only way to stay up to date with new tech and programming languages.
  • ‘Ahaaa’ is my favourite word. You’ll hear it on each bug I finally solved after hours of looking.
  • I spend a lot of time in silence and have long hours. Ensuring the data systems keep humming in the server rooms.

What I’m looking for in a partner

  • Learning agility. You embrace new tech and stay ahead of the data game.
  • Mastering the art of designing and building data infrastructures that can manage anything thrown their way.
  • You speak programming. Python, SQL, Java, … At least one and you’re sure you’ll learn the others quickly.
  • You love to play with data tools. Kafka, Hadoop, Spark, … Let’s discover them all!
  • You don’t think in boxes and find a solution for every challenge.