Data Steward


I have a knack for uncovering hidden patterns and trends, with a natural talent for decoding the language of data. I’ll analyse your every move, find correlations between our interactions, and ensuring our relationship is fuelled by data-driven insights. Plus, I’m always up for a good puzzle, so get ready for loads of fun and games!

Typical activities I love

Mystery games. Uncovering how organizations organize and manage their data and finding ways to enhance it.

I’d love to be your guard. Establishing data rules and regulations, ensuring that data is reliable and not misused.

I love quality. So, let’s monitor and improve the data together.

Coordinating data usage within projects, organizations, or for clients.

Safety first. Let’s implement data privacy measures, manage data access controls, and prevent data breaches.

Jamming with other data roles, fostering harmony, and resolving access and permission battles.

What might annoy you

  • I have a lot of responsibilities around data, but no real authority. I rely on collaboration and persuasion to install new policies.
  • I’m juggling a lot. Balancing data quality, privacy, compliance, and metadata management.
  • Change is not always easy. I’m often battling for buy-in to change policies and data cultures.
  • GDPR and other shifting laws and standards can make it hard to stay on top of things.

What I’m looking for in a partner

  • A detectives eye. Spotting inconsistencies and errors in data quickly.
  • Strong people skills and the guts to manage difficult conversations.
  • You love compliance. Staying up to date with data protection regulations, privacy laws, and industry standards like a regulatory superhero.
  • You’re a problem solver. Tackling data challenges, finding creative solutions, and adapting to evolving data landscapes.
  • You are a change driver. Navigating organizational resistance, driving change, and fostering a data-driven culture.