Management Traineeship at Brussels Airport Company

Start date: September 2024

Give wings to your career! Take a unique flight and land afterwards in a management role at Brussels Airport Company. Sorry, we just couldn’t resist the aviation puns because they say exactly what this management traineeship is about. 24 Months to discover every single aspect of the airport business. As well as your role in the airport of the future.

Ormit Talent trainees

The traineeship in short


Not just by dreaming of it but by making it happen. Because Brussels Airport Company wants to be known as one of the best airports around. A fully connected economic centre and hub for people and companies. The beating heart of Europe where customers, innovation and sustainability are at the centre of everything they do.


You get to do all this while you grow as a person and a leader. With lots of training, learning moments and coaching from Ormit Talent and at least as many opportunities to grow within Brussels Airport Company. So really, what’s not to like about this traineeship?

What’s in it for you?

We just hope you’re not afraid of heights…

Learn to fly…

with your feet on the ground. The best way to discover life at the airport is to roam around in it by rotating in various assignments and departments.

Join the beating heart

Contribute to the airport of today and that of the future. Brussels Airport is much more than the arrivals and departures of passengers. It’s also about connecting individuals, companies and communities. It’s a world that is continuously moving. Where you can grow in multiple directions. By learning and above all by doing.


Grow as a future manager

Every day on the job and with more than 20 days specific trainings, easy access to 135 catalogue trainings and workshops, a personal coach and a business mentor. That’s how you grow your people, leadership and business skills. And land in a management role within 3 years after your traineeship.


And all of that at an unique location and from the brand-new Compass Building, which – in addition to an unforgettable view – is equipped with everything needed to work together in a modern way.


What will you be doing?

Ormit Talent trainee

24 months, three assignments and lots of opportunities to learn and grow.

Your traineeship consists of three assignments. They will give you a clear view on what the airport is about, where it’s heading and what your favourite role could be.

  • In airport operations: In Passengers, Baggage or Cargo, Landside or Airside or optimizing our operations via data
  • In corporate teams: Communication & Marketing, Finance, Legal, ICT, Sustainability or even Corporate Affairs
  • In business lines: Cargo & Logistics, Real estate, Digital or Corporate Ventures
Trainee in an online meeting

That’s how you will help Brussels Airport Company

  • become a fully connected economic hub and increase its destinations, passengers, cargo & logistics
  • diversify its business model linked to people, cargo & logistics, data & digital
  • become more sustainable (THE topic in aviation!)

How special are you?

You have a master and max 3 years work experience

Any master actually. And no more than 3 years of work experience in any field 

You say yes fluently

You speak fluently English and are willing to learn Dutch.

You are incurably curious and love complexity

You want to know everything about as many things as possible. The more complex the better and if you don’t know it, you want to learn it.

You want to move forward

Stop dreaming and start doing. You want to leave your mark and take big steps, together with us.

What you’ll love about Brussels Airport Company

The view on the tarmac, obviously! Always a bit of the holiday vibe. Feel our heartbeat and let your own heart speak by making Brussels Airport a little better every day. In an environment where we work in a flexible and hybrid way, drive electric and even have our own train station. How cool is that?

Ready to apply?

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