Work hard, play hard

Work smart, get far

Work hard, play hard? So they say … But not us. At Ormit Talent we prefer simple over complex. Balance over burnout. Smart over hard. So we’d rather say work smart, get far. To young and curious talents like you. Ready to develop. And take the first steps to a beautiful career as a future leader.

What is smart?

Let’s start with really getting to know yourself. But smart is more.

#1. Look in the mirror

Together we find out what makes you tick and what doesn’t. Set goals and how to reach them.

#2. Create impact

Take on assignments at top companies on the verge of change. Manage projects. Lead change.

#3. Develop hard skills

Through coaching at clients. Or training from specialised companies in specific fields like data, digital or change.

#4. Be a people person

Our trainers and coaches show the way. To personal leadership. To motivating teams and people to choose change.

#5. Friends for life

Colleagues and trainees to learn from. Or to help you find that dream job. From friends for life to partners in crime. 

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