The special ones

Our talents are curious, energetic, and eager to learn. They’re wise and individual. Precisely the connectors you seek; who will inspire others and get them on board with change. Smart minds, digital thinkers, flexible doers. Gamechangers. Shapers of the future.

Fresh from the block…

Download: 10 practical tips for a good traineeship

Do you need help to make the most of the strength of those young, inexperienced starters? Use this convenient checklist to develop a good traineeship at your organisation.

Meet our management consultant

Interested in our management traineeship? Discover the story of Arnaut his projects, growth and why he stuck around after his traineeship.

IT traineeship @ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal is looking for young IT Analysts like you to join their Scale-Up project. To level up their supply chain and get them ready for a more sustainable future.

About Ormit Talent

Ormit Talent finds, develops, and delivers unique talents. Impressive impact makers whose drive inspires and pushes teams and colleagues forward. In doing so, they contribute to the transformation, growth and success of your organisation and the people who work there.

Happy Clients

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