Invest in talent.

Make the switch from constant outsourcing to a talent pipeline. 

Changes happen fast. Your company wants to move forwards. Are you looking for that one special data analyst, data scientist, data engineer, security specialist, project support officer, digital marketer or product owner?

You’re not alone. 

Your business and the world around us are moving at breakneck speed. Change is happening left and right. Finding candidates with work experience can be nearly impossible. Companies are forced to rely outsourcing. Or to keep looking for mid-level and senior employees.

Time for a more sustainable solution!  

Ready to take the plunge?  


We’ve got news. It isn’t getting better anytime soon. You want to grow your business. To be prepared for the future. Adopting an alternative approach can prevent a lot of frustration. You will save precious time and effort.   

Invest in unique talent with the right drive today. Not run-of-the-mill talent, but young, ‘special’ ones. They’re rare. But they’re out there. And we can find them for you. In only three years, today’s new hire will be a mid-level employee. In five, a senior staff member. What are you waiting for?  

An example:

  • Estimate how many mid-level and senior positions you’ll need to fill at some point.   
  • Hire an appropriate number of young, promising talents.  
  • Not all of them will reach the end of the process. That’s why you’ll need a few more trainees than your final requirement.  
  • Challenge and inspire them. Keep them interested. That way, they’ll stay with you. 

No time for mentoring


We know you’re thinking, ‘The problem is that I do have mid-level and senior staff. We don’t have the time or capacity to mentor new hires. All my experienced staff members already have their hands full keeping things running.’ We understand. It’s a familiar dilemma. Let’s try a broader collaborative approach. One that allows everyone to work to their strengths. 

How does this work?   


You focus on your core business. The successful provision of products or services to fulfil your customers’ needs.   

Ormit Talent works to recruit successful young talent. We know where to find them. And they know how to find us. The ‘special’ ones your company needs.   

Thanks to our traineeships, they will excel right from the start. Recruiting, selecting and developing young talent. You can leave it up to us.   

Based on the desired profile, a specialist company provides the necessary professional and developmental support.  

An example:


To address the shortage of suitable data professionals, we have set up Data Chiefs, a partnership between Ormit Talent and ORTEC. Ormit Talent recruits and selects young data talent. We develop their professional and personal skills together with ORTEC. We also provide practical mentoring from day to day. 

By combining young, driven Data Chiefs with ORTEC’s experienced consultants, we can offer Data Chief customers a comprehensive solution. 

Everything taken care of 


ORMIT Talent offers your company a comprehensive solution:  

  • Recruitment and selection  
  • Performance management  
  • Custom development plan with coaching  
  • Programme management  
  • Competitive secondment fee  

Deploy this solution as an alternative to outsourcing costs for hard-to-fill positions. Instead, you will be investing in promising young talents, recruited and selected specifically for your company.   

You save on outsourcing and invest in our ‘special ones’. Future game changers. With the right attitude, skills and motivation. You will also reduce the workload of your own HR, L&D and recruitment staff. Everyone wins! 

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