Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

What type of people are you looking for?

We look for people, eager to become future leaders. People that want to leave a mark. Smart minds with an insatiable curiosity. Daredevils, digital thinkers and flexible doers. People that are eager to learn and able to connect and inspire. Open minded people, looking for feedback and personal development.

What is the culture at Ormit Talent like?

Ormit Talent is a Best Workplace. And we are very proud of this. We are a young and dynamic company, where we treasure feedback and having fun. That’s why our slogan is “Work smart, get far”. Our Ormit Talent values explain best what we mean by this:

  • Care to dare: we challenge you a lot but always in a safe environment.
  • Eager to learn: we focus on your development and learning for a lifetime.
  • Teaming up: we believe co-creation is the recipe for success. It’s also much more fun.
  • With a twinkle: we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Who are the Ormit Talent clients?

We team up with large, often international companies. Organizations that are looking for young talents that want to create instant impact. Talents, just like you. Some of our trusted clients are ArcelorMittal, Barry Callebaut, BNP Paribas Fortis, GSK, d’Ieteren, STIB/MIVB, Bpost, … An Ormit Talent traineeship offers you the best of both worlds: doing projects at big companies AND experiencing the company culture of a small organisation such as ours.

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