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Are you a curious cat, eager to become a leading lion? Smart!

Because as a future leader you want to leave your mark on everything that crosses your path. Discover your true talents and passions. Grow at top notch companies and change their future. Then you came to the right place. Have a look around.

Discover your talents


There it is, the world at your feet. Now what? Head straight for your dream job or not quite sure yet what that is? Don’t worry, we know the shortcuts. To a career in data, change or whatever management. To name but a few.

Our traineeships turn your talents into killer skills. Just ask everyone who went before you in the past 25 years. Yep, we’ve been shaping talents for a while. And it’s your turn now. Become an Ormit Talent.

Ormit Talent trainees

Growing goes like this …


Can you grow by climbing big trees? You sure can. With Ormit Talent you grow your comfort zone in challenging roles and projects. Create impact fast and build lasting relationships.

That all? Au contraire! We also feed your curiosity with training days and bootcamps. Lots of them. On personal leadership, communication, teamwork, digital, change management, …

All by yourself? Nope. Your coach is right there with you. To help you figure out where to go and how to get there. To bring out the best in you and find that perfect match.

Ormit Talent

Your trajectory


Want to hit bullseye on your first job? Or is your current job not really working for you? With Ormit Talent you take big steps in personal leadership, towards your future self.

Mind you, the track can get bumpy. So make sure to wear sturdy shoes.

Traineeships? What’s in a name?


Bottom line, they’re paid jobs that set you up as a future leader. Boosting your biggest talents. And spicing up your career. It’s the smart way to get far. Rotating in various roles and projects in one company or multiple ones. Perfect for young talents who just graduated or already have a first work experience.


Management traineeship

Ready to dive but not yet sure into what? Then this traineeship is your preferred swimming pool. 26 Months of switching lanes between companies, assignments and roles. And somewhere along the way you fall in love. With your dream job!

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Starting your career at Ormit Talent makes you a special one. Someone with an insatiable curiosity who loves to show the way. Who builds long lasting relationships with people skills. Who constantly discovers and learns.


It all starts with a selection process. Where you discover if Ormit Talent is a match. And above all, where you get to know yourself even better.


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Can’t choose? Or want to know more? Tell us who you are and what you’re looking for. One of our recruiters will contact you within 5 days.

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