Welcome to the talent hub 

Where we help eager talents become future leaders. By boosting their careers with challenging traineeships that lead to promising jobs. With instant impact at leading companies looking for change. And loads of training and your personal coach. That’s how you’ll soon discover that getting far is not about working hard, but smart. Ask any of the 540 talents who came to our hub, and loved every minute of it. Care to join? 

Why a traineeship with us? 


Simple. It’s a first job you are happy to set your alarm for. Or a new job, if you’re not really feeling it today. Two years full of challenging assignments in fields that (might) make your heart beat faster. With training, your personal coach the entire track and all that. Bottom line, you’ll discover what’s really up your alley. And shape your skills, your future and that of leading companies. O, and remember to enjoy your time in a close-knit bunch of peers. 


… what you’re great at and love doing  

… where you really want to take your career 

… what the job market looks like and where you could fit 

… the perks of a growing professional network  

… how a close pool of peers gives you loads energy 


… your skills and personal leadership 

… while doing your thing in various jobs 

… through continuous feedback 

… with people and hard skills training (20+ days!) 

… thanks to coaches, colleagues and peers 


… impact in different assignment 

… while hopping jobs, projects and sometimes even companies 

…by regularly discussing objectives and results  

… a fresh breeze of change at leading companies 

Which traineeships do we have in store?

Ready to dive, but not sure where? Look no further! These traineeships offer the chance to switch between multiple companies and assignments. And somewhere along the way you will fall in love.

Recruiting for 2025

Data traineeship

Always had a thing-with-data? Then do something with it. And go from curious data lover to curious data chief. In projects at various companies. Around data analytics, visualization and many other English words. Go!

Management traineeship

Ready to dive but not yet sure into what? Then this traineeship is your preferred swimming pool. 26 Months of switching lanes between companies, assignments and roles. And somewhere along the way you fall in love. With your dream job!

Our traineeships in numbers

Work smart, get far


Work hard, play hard? So they say. We prefer work smart, get far. A cocktail of discovering what it is that really gives you energy.

  • Developing people and hard skills that will help you on your journey.
  • Building lasting relationships that will accompany, coach and endorse you.
  • Creating impact while combining all of the above.


And it all starts with your own curiosity and eagerness to learn. By the way, check out our values. They will help you along the way. 

Questions we’ve heard before …

What traineeship should I pick?

Let’s find out together! It all starts with what it is you are really looking for in your career or next move. Would you like to explore various domains? Then you can opt for our management traineeships. Either within one company or within several. Is your mind and heart set on a specific domain? Then we probably have a great company waiting for your eagerness and curiosity. Check out our current traineeships. 

How many assignments will I get?

That depends on the traineeship you’re signing up for or how soon you’ll fall in love with the track you’re on. But usually it’s at least three, each for about seven to eight months.  

Will I get paid?

Of course you will! By us. And what you get is more than just a paycheck. It’s also our many benefits (see below). Not to mention the love, friendship and care. And that’s invaluable!

  • A competitive salary. And we don’t just say it. We mean it. We watch the market and adapt when needed. 
  • Mobility. A car with fuel card or a or a greener option. A Skipr card to pay the bus, rent a bike, or even buy one. Many options to explore! 
  • A flexible wage increase after 12 months. Yes, for everyone. Because flourishing and struggling is part of the deal. A bit more salary or extra vacation days. All up to you! 
  • A home office allowance, lunch vouchers, eco cheques, smartphone and mobile subscription, benefits at work, hospitalisation insurance, group assurance, a well-being budget, … 


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