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The power of data visualization and storytelling
14 July 2023

Become a data superhero: how to convince your audience with data!

Ready to unleash your superpower in the world of data-driven business? Well, get ready, because we’re about to reveal your secret weapon: the dynamic duo data visualization & storytelling—the superhero cape of the data world!

12 May 2023

Data is everywhere

While businesses are eager to harness the power of data, its true value lies in skilled individuals who can extract insights and effectively communicate them.

12 April 2023

3 reasons why data talents can’t make a career choice

In this article, we dig deeper in the reasons why data talents have a tough time choosing a job in the hope it will be easier for you. A little bit at least 😉

28 February 2023

How to become a successful scrum master with Ormit Talent and BNP Paribas Fortis

In this blog, we give you an insight into the most important skills of a scrum master and a sneak peek at our training program in cooperation with BNP Paribas Fortis.

8 December 2022

Not rugby players. Scrum masters.

What’s the role of a scrum master within scrum? Understanding the role of a scrum master starts by understanding the mindset behind it.

Woman and data
29 November 2022

IT is more than zero and one

A passion for IT. Curious about coding and software development. With databases as part of your comfort zone. Plenty of recruiters are looking for tech talents like you.

4 November 2022

Human skills every data talent needs

An analytical background and curious about the universe of data? Plenty of companies are looking for talents like you!

27 October 2022

Business and data professionals in therapy: how to achieve a perfect marriage? 

The better the interaction between your data team and business professionals, the more successful you can work with data. Ormit Talent sits down with both parties and provides tips on how to set up an effective collaboration.

14 September 2022

First aid in search for data talent: who’s who?

The right data talent for your organization? A clear job description is key. Ormit Talent highlights the most important differences between data profiles in this E-book.

13 September 2022

Data science: in the sweet spot between science and business

Getting started with your big data? The data scientist knows how! Ormit Talent explains what data science is and how it enhances your decision-making process.

Ormit Talent groep mensen
23 August 2022

The heart of data: why are human skills in data so important?

The possibilities of data are endless. As an organization, it is tempting to collect as much knowledge as possible and have it flow to other departments. Yet that offers no guarantee that your people will actually put these insights to work. A lot of human skills are needed to make that translation.

6 January 2022

Why data alone is not enough to be successful

Do you have a grip on the impact the crisis has on your business? What does your data tell you? Organizations investing in a data-driven transformation have an answer to these questions. They will be successful in the future that already started.

5 January 2022

Data trainees predict Champions League winner via machine learning [Update April 2022]

We combined our passion for data and football in an ambitious data project: predict the winner of the Champions League 2021-2022. Data trainees Jonathan Kemel and Tom Martens, nice to meet you!