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8 December 2022

Not rugby players. Scrum masters.

What’s the role of a scrum master within scrum? Understanding the role of a scrum master starts by understanding the mindset behind it.

4 October 2022

Types of traineeships

Traineeships come in many different shapes and forms. To help you find your perfect match, we made a list of the most important series in the big world of traineeships.

27 September 2022

What makes Ormit Talent special?

We are convinced Ormit Talent is a unique place to work. Our values are what sets us apart. Interested in experiencing Ormit Talent?

30 August 2022

What is a traineeship?

Find out in 3 steps what a traineeship exactly is. It might be something for you!

8 July 2022

Benefits of an Ormit Talent traineeship

An Ormit Talent traineeship is the best choice at the start of your career. Why? Discover our 5 distinguishing factors.

Ormit Talent viewpoint
21 June 2022

Want to launch a traineeship? Make an impact with an Ormit Talent.

New employees who make an impact don’t just come knocking. Ormit Talent has everything you need to attract young talent that will bring change to your organization.

11 April 2022

Invest in talent. Make the switch from constant outsourcing to a talent pipeline. 

Changes happen fast. Your company wants to move forwards. Are you looking for that one special data analyst, data scientist, data engineer, security specialist, project support officer, digital marketer or product owner? We can find them for you.

Trainee in an online meeting
25 February 2022

Clash of the ships: internship vs traineeship

Although traineeships and internships might look like twins, there are some differences. Discover them in our blog.