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16 July 2024

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Your Ultimate Guide to Navigating Change

In this blog post, we explore how to apply Stephen Covey’s renowned “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” to lead your organization through change with confidence and resilience.

8 December 2023

Guiding talent: 5 tips for effective leadership

Managers face the challenge of balancing projects, deadlines, and people management. Read our 5 tips to help managers find that balance.

17 October 2023

Stress spelled backward is dessert? Not for me! Our Talent Development Manager Virginie about stress management

Discover the journey of Virginie from stress to resilience. And get to know about our “Befriending Stress” training for young talents.

3 April 2023

What is talent development?

Why is talent development important for organizations? Who is responsible for it and what forms of talent development exist? An overview.

22 February 2023

Talent development of future leaders at Ormit Talent

Organisations and talents need a talent development policy. Let’s take a deep-dive into Ormit Talent’s approach.

18 November 2022

What a dead cat and talent recruitment have in common

Ormit Talent annually recruits about fifty young, ambitious talents. For this, we developed a unique selection process. Discover our formula for success here.

Ormit Talent trainees
7 November 2022

The war for talent: 4 remarkable evolutions

How should my organization respond to the war for talent? Download our free tips here and effortlessly adapt your strategy to the changing job market!

7 November 2022

Engaging and retaining talent: here’s how to do it

Increase retention rates and reap on the efforts of young talent. Five axes of action for engaging young talent.

4 November 2022

Human skills every data talent needs

An analytical background and curious about the universe of data? Plenty of companies are looking for talents like you!

27 October 2022

Business and data professionals in therapy: how to achieve a perfect marriage? 

The better the interaction between your data team and business professionals, the more successful you can work with data. Ormit Talent sits down with both parties and provides tips on how to set up an effective collaboration.

27 September 2022

What makes Ormit Talent special?

We are convinced Ormit Talent is a unique place to work. Our values are what sets us apart. Interested in experiencing Ormit Talent?

3 trainees
8 July 2022

6 ways to foster a deeper connection in a hybrid workforce 

Our hybrid way of working doesn’t make it easier to make meaningful connections at work, let alone friends. But, hybrid working is here to stay. So how do you maintain these connections in this new reality? Here are 6 ways to foster a deeper connection. 

Ormit Talent
12 May 2022

4 tips to support young talent

Experienced colleagues who are willing and interested in young talent are the key to organisational success. When you combine such talented colleagues’ experience and knowledge with a career starter’s eagerness to learn, playfulness and humility, their potential is sure to reveal itself quickly. How can you ensure that your organisation provides newcomers with the support they need, though? We have 4 tips to support young talent that will give you a good start.  

Ormit Talent Trainees in meeting
2 May 2022

Why your organisation benefits from inexperienced talent

Young, inexperienced starters often perform better than your experienced permanent staff. Wondering what makes these inexperienced trainees so successful? Find out here!

22 March 2022

The power of reverse mentoring

Young starters provide fresh perspectives that benefit you and other more established colleagues. Read the article to see how reverse mentoring plays a crucial role in exchanging this knowledge. 

Ormit Talent Trainees in meeting
5 January 2022

Learning & Development in your organization: DIY or shopping around?

When it comes to learning and development, the classic dilemma pops up: do we give training ourselves or should we go for an external partner? We listed up some pros and cons for you to make a better decision!

5 January 2022

The secret ingredients of setting-up a successful soft-skill training

Here are 4 elements we believe are necessary to really create learning moments that stick.